Mission: We want to ensure that managers and management teams meet their responsibilities and challenges with passion and energy by providing insight into their unique personalities and motivations. This allows them to grow personally and contribute to the success of their organization. We believe in purpose-driven employment and want to support every company in this.

Vision: Our vision is that anyone can be a star within an organization, provided they are in the right position and use their talents and drives to the fullest. We aim to help organizations select the right managers and develop/train management teams so that they achieve desired organizational goals and achieve collective value creation.

History of Company Stars

Company Stars is an online platform, in which we also market the Company Stars tests under the same name. Company Stars b.v. collaborated with Deen in this regard for test development. Deen is the exclusive distribution partner of the Company Stars test and has licensed it, for the European market, on behalf of Worldaspect B.V.

The tests issued by Company Stars are reliable and proven tools to identify “hidden” drives & personality. The tests were developed by Company Stars in cooperation with various scientific institutions, including universities and behavioral science centers.

Company Stars is specifically focused on the development and selection of (sales) managers account managers, professionals and (management) teams. Through this method, companies can better understand the strengths and areas of concern of their employees and teams, enabling targeted development and selection. With a proven track record of reliable and scientifically based methods, Company Stars is a valuable tool for any organization that takes its managers and professionals seriously and wants to realize their potential.

The psychologists working on Company Stars are experienced researchers. This ensures that Company Stars’ testing methods and analysis are of the highest quality. The goal of Company Stars is to provide insight into character traits and deep-seated “hidden” motivations. The test results give a picture of how a person performs and what strengths and pitfalls are associated with them and how they can develop.

Roots of Deen

The history of Deen dates back to 1937, when L. Deen established himself as an independent consultant in Rotterdam, as one of four pioneers in the field of recruitment and selection. In 1987, Deen transferred his activities to Drs. G.P. Hazelzet, who took over the office. Subsequently, the organization was taken over and expanded by Drs. Frank P. Hazelzet and Dr. Gertrude Smit. Since then, Dane has developed into a well-established player in the industry, with a comprehensive range of services that includes online and offline assessments, Executive Search & Recruitment and Management Development. At Deen, quality comes first and this is confirmed by our preferred partner contracts and high reliability & quality of advice over a long to very long period of time.

Based on scientific research

Company Stars was developed on the basis of scientific research and is based on the latest insights and developments in the field of personality psychology. The goal was to develop a psychometric instrument that can support organizations in the development and selection of managers, sales account managers, professionals and (management) teams.

Company Stars was developed by a team of experienced psychologists and drs. FP. Hazelzet who have each earned their spurs in the field, making the test based on a wide range of knowledge and insights. This team has spent years researching key personality dimensions and how they affect behavior and performance. Through this in-depth knowledge of personality and behavior, Company Stars is able to help organizations select the best candidates for a position and develop managers and professionals.

The scientific research behind Company Stars is constantly evolving and is regularly updated based on new insights and feedback & data from buyers. This allows Company Stars to continue to meet the high standards we set for our scientific instruments and provide our customers with the most current and reliable testing information.

What sets Company Stars apart:

Company Stars differs from other test providers in that it explicitly positions itself in the higher-quality segment of the market. The Company and Management Stars tests replace in some cases the traditional assessment that does not take place online making it an ideal choice for companies looking for a high-quality testing solution at an affordable price.

In addition, Company Stars is unique in that it is based on decades of experience and has been continuously improved based on input from customers and academia. This means constantly adapting the test to changing market needs and the latest insights from science using data science. An example is 24/7 data analysis that maps the “gap” between high-performing and newly recruiting managers in “real time” and displays a percent success rate. This is how we achieve our clients’ desired organizational goals and get managers and management teams in the right place.

With our

multilayer test

we provide insight into the unique personality and hidden motivations so they can excel and contribute to the success of the company.


Personal interview and explanation by psychologist team via online chat and or by phone

Demonstrable growth of our clients, see references!

The test is affordable, high-quality and replaces face-to-face traditional assessments at the management and C-level level

Company Stars has proven its value for years in our assessment practice

With our multilayer test we offer insight into the unique personality and map hidden motivations

An online dashboard & 24/7 data analytics. New hiring managers are compared to the best performing managers at our subscribed clients.

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Our tests can be used for

The selection of employees

Development at the individual level, with tips useful for a personal development plan

Support for change

(Management) team development

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Sales selection or development

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