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Select & develop your Management Stars

We teach organizations how to make appropriate management selections, develop existing management potential and create effective & collaborative teams. Corporate and individual performance and goals are achieved, organizational & team results are improved.

Hoe bereiken we dat?

Companystars’ Management Star tests are composed of several layers. Our

multilayer test

provides insight into the unique personality, “hidden” drives and growth potential of managers so they can personally grow, excel and contribute to the success of the organization. With these insights, managers can meet their responsibilities and challenges with passion, energy and discipline, thereby encouraging and increasing purpose-driven employment and collective value creation.

Depending on an organization’s stage and growth objectives, we facilitate companies to retain and develop and/or attract the right managers to quickly fit in.

Data analysis/GAP
We do this based on a unique data analysis that identifies the “gap” between high-performing managers and new hires and directly displays the percent success rate. In this way, we can ensure that our clients’ desired organizational goals are met and that managers and management teams end up in the right places.


We guide and train C-level and HR managers on how to interpret the results of our Managementstars tests and how to use them to continuously develop themselves. Managers who devote discipline, attention and sufficient time to their own development are able to creatively and efficiently solve problems they face. This enables them to cope with a rapidly changing environment and grow the organization.

References/Case Study

Learn how successful companies have applied our unique testing methods to take their managers and teams to unprecedented heights. Visit our study cases page and get inspired by the stories of our satisfied customers!