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Sales selectie & ontwikkeltool
  • Online Assessment 45 minutes

  • Selection and/or development report

  • Understanding sales personality & sales drivers

  • Commercial development points of employees/managers

The Company Stars profiles can help sales teams develop effective sales strategies to build a larger customer base. Make Company Stars part of your business model and improve your sales and marketing.

Selection: does the applicant fit the position and culture of your company? Easily select professionals, account/sales managers and executives, receive clear reports and a “spinning wheel” that instantly displays strengths and weaknesses so you can select.

Develop: by strengthening and adapting employees’ own sales style to the customer, more effective communication around customer needs can be achieved. After all, a good salesperson must be able to take an appropriate stance and/or offer things the customer needs.

Objective: what sales profile does the employee have?

People with the right commercial talent can make the difference. Dane makes the “invisible building blocks of success visible” and “shows” the character of employees. We test for personality, competencies, stress image & motivations. Our salescompetency wheel allows you to see at a glance whether the employee is suitable for a sales position and/or whether the employee is a “Hunter” or a “Farmer,” has a feel for business development.

Insight: commercial competencies, 21 drivers & stress image

For selection issues, we leverage our unique online commercial testing tools to unravel a person’s character and sales talent, and are able to determine longer-term employee success and detriment risks. All test items are based on scientific models and research. In addition to the score on six sales competencies, stress image and 21 drivers, you will also receive concrete sales development tips.

Unique: self-image versus objective image

Deen is a licensee of the “Company Stars” test and provides a unique insight into the employee’s self-image and objective view. Engage the employee in conversation, discuss how he/she sees him/herself and how others see him/her.

Result: correct selection decisions and concrete ‘sales’ development tips

A complete report on which you can make informed decisions. Indeed, even with an online commercial selection assessment you will obtain concrete comprehensive development tips in addition to development points whether and how the employee can develop in a commercial position, for example, through coaching. Get visibility into sales talent, deploy salespeople to the talent they have and strengthen it.

Online dashboard

All of your employees’ test results can be viewed on our advanced and user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to store and track the quality of your recruitment. Through a personal login code, this information is available to you 24/7. Quickly set up our reliable and valid psychological tests online at any time within your HR process.

Improve your sales team

Easily improve the success of sales associates and the entire sales team by:

  1. Identify the strengths of the commercial employee or sales team;
  2. Allow each commercial employee to discover their individual sales style;
  3. To learn how to successfully improve one’s own sales style to meet customer needs;
  4. To discover how to best connect and “mirror” a wide range of personality types (clients) from one’s own style;
  5. Checking at the team level where strengths and blind spots or pitfalls lie.



No licensing & training fees

The questionnaires are not/limitedly sensitive to socially desirable interpretation

Enter online how heavily competencies are weighted by position

Compare the candidate’s self-image with the objective test score

Deployable for selection & development

Understanding sales and management styles


Diving deeper into the sales module. How does it work?


Create an account by first contacting an advisor. Click here to contact us.


Choose the desired scores on the employee’s competencies, hidden work preferences and motivations.


Choose a reporting format:

  • Selection or development report or both
  • Professional, sales or management or combination thereof


The results are shown in the selection plot, among other things. The applicant is displayed in a selection plot in blue and compared to the 14 desired competencies relevant to the position.


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