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Wat Company Stars onderscheidt:

Company Stars differs from other test providers in that it explicitly positions itself in the higher-quality segment of the market. The Company and Management Stars tests replace the traditional assessment that does not take place online, making it an ideal choice for companies looking for a high-quality testing solution at an affordable price.

Company Stars is unique in that it is based on decades of experience and has been continuously improved based on input from customers and academia. This means constantly adapting the test to the changing needs of the market and the latest insights from science using “data-science. With our

multilayer test

we provide insight into the unique personality and hidden motivations so they can excel and contribute to the success of the company.

With our data-driven Company Stars tests, we motivate professionals to develop themselves to achieve individual performance and goals.

We also help organizations make the right selections, develop their professionals, managers and teams, and create effective collaborative relationships.


Hoe bereiken we dit?

The Company Stars tests are composed of several layers. Our

multilayer test

provides insight into the unique personality, “hidden” drives and growth potential of professionals so they can grow personally, excel and contribute to the success of the organization. These insights enable them to face their responsibilities and challenges in the right position with passion, energy and discipline. In doing so, we encourage and enhance purpose-driven employment and collective value creation.
Depending on the phase the organization is in and where the organization wants to grow, we facilitate your company to retain the right professionals for that phase and grow them with you.

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The unique addition to the Company Stars package is the telephone consultation with a psychologist for the purpose of selection/hiring advice. In an approximately 30-minute interview, the psychologist will explain how to interpret the results obtained by the candidate and advise you on whether the candidate’s profile is suitable for a specific job.

The candidate themselves also have the option to briefly discuss their results with the psychologist, should they feel the need:

  • 30-minute telephone consultation from a psychologist;
  • Selection/adoption advice and explanation on interpretation of results;
  • Optional: explanation of results to candidate.